Where to Shop

Bulk grocery stores do not always save you money, and your local market does not always cost more.  See Food page. 


First, let me be clear:  I support world trade.  I support countries that offer humane working conditions, fair labor practices, and no child labor.  I applaud the micro-loan programs that allow women in India, Africa, South America, and other parts of the world to form local consortiums to sell their products.

There are discout stores that offer your basic materials for very little money:  89 Cent Store, The Dollar Tree, The Oriental Trading Co, etc.  I shop them regularly; however, some of their inventory is made in other countries that may or may not fall within the above parameters of fair labor and humane working conditions. 

Personally, I don’t buy food items as some are produced in other countries and do not meet FDA standards; but I do buy paper products, puzzles, playing cards, dominoes/poker chips, some cleaning products, brooms, and various other items.

Health Risks - toxic chemicals

Health Risks – toxic chemicals

There was also the issue of lead used in toy production and the lack of U.S. government safety oversight on toys and food produced outside the U.S. and sold in discount stores.  So please stay informed.
Following is an article on some unsafe items.


Sometimes you literally can’t afford to buy American.  If you can afford to support our economy or fair trade products from other places, great.  If not, at least be conscious of how much you are spending and where the money may be going.

See http://shine.yahoo.com/work-money/letter-chinese-laborer-pleading-help-found-halloween-decorations-202400773.html.



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