News – Comics

If you have a computer with internet access, you can get your news online. 

I’ve found PBS TV stations have the best coverage of national and international events. 

PaperHat-1PLocal events are covered somewhat by my local news channel affiliate (not the national ABC, CBS, NBC news channels – find your local station).  If you can afford a newspaper, nothing beats their in-depth coverage of local issues and local environmental proposals, but if you can’t afford it – check the online version of the newspaper or check your local library for the actual newspaper.
NOTE:  Newspapers are invaluable for uncovering/providing the truth and in-depth, ongoing coverage of stories – especially in the current climate.  News investigations tell the public what is really going on:  from Watergate to Russia-gate.  It is important to support them whenever possible.  If you can afford a subscription (paper or internet), please get one.   

Comics are available online.  You can even have them sent to your email daily.  Remember comics are trademarked or copyrighted and should only be used for personal viewing (fair use).  Here are some sources. Yahoo! – no longer offers comics.  They discontinued their relationship with the provider.  

GoComics  GoComics – offers about five times the titles (278) as Yahoo! and history of several years.  Strip titles are from Alley Oop to Ziggy.  Some issues with ads hijacking your connection to other sites when you view multiple days in one sitting.  Easily resolved by putting the ad site in your online security filter (tools-internet options-security-restricted sites).
If you want to save the comics, zoom them first for a larger file and easier viewing.  GoComics will name each file for you (changed).
Note:  January 2017 – GoComics now automatically shows the zoom version and no longer has a save option for the file.

Comics Kingdom Comics-Blondieoffers those comic strips not found at GoComics:  Beetle Bailey, Blondie, Baby Blues, Bizarro, Dennis the Menace, Family Circus, Popeye, etc.
Note:  Some comics have a viewing history of several years.  I have found the history “drops” the earliest years over time, it varies by comic.

You can get the same comics by going to and clicking on the menu (red circle) where it says Show Me All Comics or the moving bar below (shown).  Do not click on the text menu at the bottom of the screen, or it will take you back to the Comics Kingdom home page.
If you want to save the files to your computer to view later or view in large print (zoom/magnifier), you will have to individually name each file as you save it.
October 2017 – The save option has been discontinued – you will need to save a screenprint and edit it.
November 2017 – It appears there was a bot attack that may have affected the save option.  It seems to be resolved now. Zits-BotAttack

Oregon Live  OregonLiveComics-Index2SaveOctober 2017 – Comics Kingdom no longer allows a save option (restored in November), but those comics and more are also available at Oregon Live.  Oregon Live does allow you to save the current month of comics, but you will need to enter a filename for each file save.  To save from the earlier archives you will  need to go back to Comics Kingdom.  Remember not all Oregon Live titles are available on Comics Kingdom.
Note:  Some comics have a viewing history of about a month; some Sunday only comics show the last 6 weeks in the history, it varies by comic. 

NOTE:  I have to save comics from an internet spot and take them home for my elderly parent to read in large print (zoom screen).  Copyright allows a single copy for personal use under the fair use section.  Having to save and edit screenshots instead of using a save option radically increases the download time, but . . . . it’s for a parent.   



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