Books – Newspapers – Magazines


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If you have a local library, get a card.  They have not only books, but newspapers and magazines.  If you like to read an actual newspaper (like I do), you don’t have to subscribe to one.
If you can afford a subscription, it will help keep the newspapers in business; but not everyone can afford it.  Unlike books, most libraries do not check out newspapers and magazines.  They must be read at the library. 

Your local library will also have books for special needs.  If you have vision problems, see if they have a large print section or books on tape

If you have a favorite author, put your name on the reserve or waiting list for their latest work when it comes into the library.  If there is a particular book you want to add to your library, you can purchase it after you’ve read it and are sure you really want it.  You can also add it to your Christmas/birthday list for family or friends that don’t know what to buy.

Used Books  Also check to see if there is a local used book exchange where you live.  They usually offer to exchange books at a ratio, some have you bring in two books and you can take one.  If you’re clearing out your bookshelves, this is a good place to look for that title you’ve always wanted.
Some used book establishments sell the books outright at half off or less.



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