There are things you can do around the house to save money on cleaning as well. 

You can sanitize surfaces/objects after cleaning with soap and water by using a solution of 10% bleach (9 parts water to 1 part bleach).  You don’t need to buy the pine scented stuff. 

Cleaning Rags/Dishcloth 
Your dishcloth can be sanitized by putting it in the microwave on high for about 60 seconds.  Do this once a day.    

Coffee Maker Cleaning
Coffee makers should be cleaned once a month or so by running a cycle using 1 cup of vinegar or a solution of water and 1-2 tablespoons cream of tartar.  Rinse after cleaning by running a second cycle of just water through the coffeemaker.  Grandma’s Tip

Scrubbing Pad
If you do not have a scrubbing pad, loosely wad a piece of aluminum foil and use that.  Great for scrubbing grills.  Girl Scout® trick.

The telephone was often the dirtiest object in the home.  Don’t forget to wipe it down with a moist rag and then sanitize it.   

Window Washing
Grandma’s Tip:  Use a vinegar and water solution to wash your windows.  Add a little white vinegar to the water.  Wipe clear with crumpled old newspaper to make them shine.  The ink does not streak – for some reason newsprint makes the windows shine.  (Then let the newsprint dry and recycle it.)  Do not buy the blue stuff anymore.



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