Halloween Costumes

Tips to save money on Halloween costumes for the kids. 

Materials:  old boxes, colored posterboard (2 for $1 at discount stores), old sheets or pillowcases, old shower curtain, felt, construction paper, fabric dye or fabric paint, and garbage bags. 

Note:  garbage bag costumes should not be made for toddlers and small children who may suffocate if the costume slips.

Remember to let the kids color in/paint whenever possible. 

1-Animals-thumbnailCA12UDRF-onlineCats:  Use colored shirt/pants (or dye them) to create a panther, tiger, lion, or leopard.  Cut construction paper or felt ears and put them on a headband.  Use fabric paint/markers to color in the stripes/spots.  Make the tail from a strip of fabric sewn into a tube and stuffed.  Use yarn for the lion’s mane.

Condiments:  1-Condiments-editMake a cardboard tube from posterboard and cut out a hat for Catsup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, or Pickles.  Use construction paper or paint to label/decorate the “containers”.

Board Games: 1-Boardgame-thumbnailCA12UDRF-online Use posterboard to create your favorite board game and wear it like a sandwich sign.  Use construction paper to cut circles for checkers or backgammon – or use old bottlecaps.  Go as a Pool Table or Playing Card.  Use an old box to create a die – or go with a friend as a pair of dice. 



 If you recycle materials you have on hand, you can create a costume with almost no money. 


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