Easter Eggs

Tips to save money on Easter eggs and help make your budget stretch.

Save money on packaged egg dyes by making your own coloring solutions.

Use 1/2 cup hot water (boiling), 1 tsp white vinegar, and 10-20 drops of food color in a cup.
You can mix your own colors if you have the 3 primary colors:  red, blue, and yellow.
Buy the larger bottles of food dye, you will use them for frostings, sugar cookies, and making your own mint candies.  OR You can sometimes find the smaller assortment bottles of food coloring at Grocery Outlet™ for a very good value, but you will need more than one set.

For orange – use 6-7 drops of yellow and 4-3 drops of red.
For green – use 6-7 drops of yellow and 4-3 drops of blue.
For purple – use 6-7 drops of red and 4-3 drops of blue.

For darker orange/green/purple use less yellow (red) and more of the second color. 

Eggs take at least 5 minutes in the dye to color.  You can leave them longer for a deeper color (or use more food color drops in your cup solution).
You can write messages or draw decorations on your egg that will not take color/dye by using the white crayon in your crayon box.

Tip:  Color your egg, let dry.  Then draw patterns on the egg using your crayon, and re-dip the egg in a different color.  You can make spots, stripes, flowers, musical notes, etc.
You can also add Easter stickers to your egg once you’ve finished dyeing it, and it has completely dried.
Fourth of July – Try dyeing eggs red and blue and adding star stickers to decorate them!  

When we were young, we would hold the egg halfway into the dye, let it dry; and then hold the opposite end in a different color for a parti-colored egg.

Here are some other decorating tips from the McCormick™ website:  http://www.mccormick.com/Recipes/Other/Easter-Eggs




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