Tips to save money on Christmas items and help make your holiday budget stretch.

Cards Bought
Forget half off after Christmas, I don’t buy cards unless they are marked down to about 2-3 dollars a box.  The selection is generally a lot more limited by then, but I’m more concerned with the price.  Check the quantity – if you are deciding between a box of 12 and a box of 18, I usually pick the 18. 

In 2012 one drugstore had boxes of 10 cards for half off an original price of $5.  I went to another drugstore that had half off boxes of 24 cards that were originally $5.99.  I bought enough of the 24 card boxes for the next 3 years.  Prices always go up each year.

Cards Received
Save the cards you receive each year.  Sort them into two stacks:  cards that are blank on the back of the front picture, those that have writing on the back of the front picture.  Set aside the ones written on the back to use in other crafts.

Every 3 or 4 years (when you have enough cards), cut the front picture off the card and turn it into a postcard.  Do not do this ahead of time – keep the signature with the front cover until you are ready to address your postcards.  You wouldn’t want to send Mrs. Smith back her own card after you’d turned it into a postcard. 

Turn a card into a postcard by drawing a vertical line down the center.  Write your greeting or wish in the section to the left of the line, write the address in the section to the right of the line, and add a postcard stamp. 

Not only have you saved on cards:(you’ve recycled which is good for the environment), you’ve also saved on postage (postcards usually cost about half the amount of a letter stamp).




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