Gifts & Crafts

Here you will find ways to create your own unique gifts.  Some require craft skills, and some are just items that need combining together.

Wrapping Paper
If you have run out of wrapping paper, try wrapping your gift in the comics from your newspaper. 

If you have plain paper (like a piece of flipchart paper), use images of their hobby:  cars, dogs, angels, etc. from magazines or your printer and gluestick them on the wrapped package.  For smaller packages, just print a page from your computer.

Dover Clipart Downloads

Dover Clipart Downloads

If it’s a child’s party, have your child decorate the plain paper with colorful drawings or stickers.  Do this before you wrap so you can have final approval.


Dover Weekly Downloads

Buy a box of blank cards at a stationary warehouse, or buy a ream of colored cardstock.  You can print a card for whatever occasion you need using free clipart from the internet.  Don’t forget to buy a box of envelopes.  Or, you can buy 2 cards for a dollar at your local Dollar Tree. 

Your local copy center can cut your ream of cardstock in half.
A 250 page ream of cardstock goes for about $10 at a paper warehouse, $2 to cut in half gives you 500 cards at 2 1/2 cents each.  (plus envelope and printing ink)
You can also make your own envelopes 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 or 5 x 7 from a sheet of paper.  (see envelope graphic)  
Envelope-QtrSheetNote:  Remember to make your center slightly larger than the card so you won’t have any difficulty slipping it into your envelope when finished. 

Dover offers free weekly clipart downloads if you sign up.  It’s a free service and you can stop anytime.  The clipart is free for personal use, there are fees if you use it commercially. 

You can also find clipart at:
Classroom clipart
You can find Girl Scout clipart at the GSUSA site or at:
Christina Edwards free Girl Scout clipart
Girl Guides of Canada clipart

You can send free ecards online from a number of companies.  Dover no longer offers ecards, buy you can try:
Hallmark  Hallmark eCards   


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