We all know that delicious San Francisco treat.  If you can’t afford to buy it, you can make a similar dish for next to nothing.  The originial uses rice, vermicelli, and seasoning.

Your version uses rice, the Ramen™ seasoning packet you saved when you used the noodles in your soup, and the chicken stock you froze.  

Health Risks - sodiumiClipart.com

Health Risks – sodium

1 C   rice
1 T   butter or margarine
1      Ramen™ seasoning packet
1 C  chicken stock from your freezer (defrost)
1 t    parsley (optional)
3 T   orzo pasta (optional)

In a large skillet on medium heat, melt the butter.  Add in the rice and stir until the rice changes color.  It will change from clear to white.  Sprinkle in the seasoning packet, add the chicken stock, stir well, and cover.  If you use parsley for color, add it before covering.

Reduce heat to low and leave for 20 min to cook.  Do not uncover the rice before 20 min – no peeking.  Serve.
Note:  to make your rice more like the box version if you can afford it, add orzo with the rice.

Cost:  1 C rice (1/2 lb in bulk)  $0.60, 1 T margarine  $0.03 

Note:  the seasoning packet is high in sodium – over 900 mg.  It is still much less than a boullion cube (which you don’t buy anymore).  If you use this dish to serve 4, it brings the sodium level to around 250 mg per serving.  If you want a stronger flavor and use 2 packets, it makes the sodium level around 500 mg.


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