There are all kinds of potatoes from Idado Russets for baking to Red Potatoes for salads, and Peruvian or Yukon Gold just for fun or variety.  The one rule that applies to all of them is NEVER PEEL YOUR POTATOES.

The next time you peel potatoes for a dish, put all the peelings into a bowl.  When you are done, look inside and see just how much food you are throwing away.  Not only that, potato peel contains the nutrients potash and vitamin C that you do not get from the rest of the potato.  

If You Must Peel
We eat country style mashed potatoes with the peels on, but if you are entertaining your husband’s boss or your fiancé’s mother and must peel your potatoes:  here is how to do it with the minimum of waste. 

Parboil the potatoes:  wash them and put them whole into a pot of cold water.  Bring them to a boil and let them cook for 5 minutes then remove them from the heat and drain.  Drain the potato water into a second pot and return it to the stove so it’s ready to continue cooking your potatoes.  Using a cloth dishtowel, rub the potato and only the peel will come off.  Dice the potatoes and finish cooking, or grate if you are making hash brown potatoes. 




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