Macaroni & Cheese

Gone are the days when a box of macaroni and cheese came full of pasta.  Nowadays you get anywhere from half to one-third of a box. 

There’s a simple solution to that – use the pasta from two boxes and set the spare envelope of powdered cheese sauce aside for another time.  (Label the envelope so you know what’s inside.)  A box of macaroni and cheese at Grocery Outlet goes for about 39 cents, so two boxes is still cost effective. 

When you’re ready to make macaroni and cheese the next time; use 1/2 lb of pasta, the spare envelope of sauce powder, and the milk/water & butter.

1/2 lb pasta:  salad macaroni (rings), elbow macaroni, or shells
1 envelope sauce
2 Tbs butter or margarine
2 Tbs milk or water

Boil the pasta according to directions.  You can use slightly more than 1/2 pound, but if you use 2/3 pound your pasta won’t have enough sauce.  Drain off the water.
Add the butter or margarine and stir until melted, add milk or water and the cheese powder. 

If you want to turn this into more of a meal, you can add meat and a vegetable to the macaroni and cheese.  Green peas or chopped broccoli work well as do cooked ground beef, cooked and cubed chicken, or cubed ham.

Note:  Sometimes the milk goes sour before I can use it up and the next container of milk is in the freezer.  If that happens, just substitute water for the milk.



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