Chicken Noodle (or Rice) Soup

This dish is great for using up leftover vegetables.     Serves 4 

2 C          chicken stock (from freezer)
4 C          water
1/2 – 1 C  shredded or diced chicken
1 pkt        Ramen™ noodles or 1/2 C rice
1/2 t         tumeric (optional)
1 t            garlic powder (optional)
1 t            onion powder or minced onion
1 t            marjoram
.               salt & pepper

Bring water & chicken stock to a boil.  Add shredded chicken, noodles, seasoning and any vegetable leftovers you want.  (The ones you froze in an ice cube tray and stored in the freezer.)  Boil 3 min if using noodles, then reduce to simmer for 5-10 minutes to allow spices to flavor the soup.
If using rice, add when soup is boiling.  Cover pot and reduce to simmer for 20 minutes.  After soup has simmered, you may need to adjust the liquid level by adding more.  If you add cold water, keep simmering until soup stock is hot through.

Note:  if you boil rice in the soup for a long time, it will dissolve.
Remember there is no seasoning in your stock, so the more spice you add, the better the soup.  You could also add sage, thyme, or pre-mixed poultry seasoning.  For a different flavor you may want to substitute tarragon for the marjoram. 

This recipe gives you a lot more noodles than you get in canned soup and a lot less sodium.  All you pay for in this dish is the chicken, the spices, and the rice or noodles.  If you can’t afford the spices, use your Ramen™ chicken seasoning packets to taste. 


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