Old Food

Tips to revive or re-use food instead of buying more.

Use old apples to make an Apple Brown Betty, apple bread pudding, applesauce, or other dish where the apples are steamed to revive them.
Apple Brown Betty is a pioneer recipe designed to use up old bread and old apples.

Make up old bananas into banana bread/muffins, or mash (add a spoonful of lemon to prevent browning) and use as a cake filling between layers.
You can also put the mashed banana puree in a ziptop bag and freeze it for later use.  This also works for old peaches, plums, avocado, and berries.   

Bread rolls that are old and hard can be revived in the microwave.  Pass each one quickly under a trickle of water, place inside a plastic bag or container and microwave for 30 seconds.  In some cases, you may need to microwave a second time for 30 seconds.  The steam will revive your rolls and they will come out soft and ready to use. 

Bread slices can be turned into breadcrumbs (yes, fresh bread is better but we’re talking savings) by further drying the slices in the oven.  Put the slices on a cookie sheet in a 250 degree oven just until the bread starts to turn golden.  Remove and let cool.  Place on a cutting board and use a rolling pin to break into breadcrumbs.  Put in a plastic bag.  Store in a ziptop bag in the freezer. 

You may use the same breadcrumb process to turn the bread slices into croutons by cutting the bread into cubes before drying.  If you want to add seasoning:  drizzle the cubes with a little olive oil, sprinkle on the seasoning, and toss before drying.
Seasonings can be:  garlic powder, Italian seasoning, tarragon, or whatever you like.

Use leftover potato in burritos, or mash them and add flour and egg to make fried potato cakes.  Leftover baked potato can be made into twice baked potatoes using other leftover bits of vegetables.      

Use leftover/old rice in one of several ways.  Use the rice to make fried rice, burrito stuffing, a rice pudding dessert, or a rice chicken salad.

Save small amounts to make fried rice or add to Ramen® noodles.    



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