Food Purchases

Tips to save money on grocery items and help make your grocery budget stretch.

Prices vary widely from store to store.  I will post a cost comparison here in the future. 

There are three types of stores:  bulk, outlet, regular market
I don’t include farmer’s markets, or specialty stores as their primary focus is not price, but other considerations.

Bulk Stores
I generally buy my bulk items such as:  flour, sugar, eggs, spices, specialty bread (tortillas/thin buns), meatballs, ground beef, and lunch snack chips at bulk stores (Costco).  You have to be careful about prices, the only fresh chicken is cut and individually plastic wrapped and costs way more per pound than the local market. 

Outlet Stores
I buy potatoes, milk, bread, and some packaged/canned items at the outlet store (Grocery Outlet).  Again, watch prices.  Some vegetables and dairy cost more than the regular market.  

Regular Markets
I use my regular market to buy the flavor varieties not available elsewhere and regular items that cost less.  Vegetables are often a good deal.  I’ve bought bell peppers 2/$1, pears 10 cents/lb, many items 10 for $10 (Lucky Markets), and my favorite – Mr P frozen (8″) pizza for 89 cents.

I take the frozen pizza, add more mozzarella and the toppings I like, and I have a bargain pizza.  It costs less than the 12 pack at Costco (to which I still have to add cheese). 



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