If you have a favorite designer scent you can end up spending a great deal on their line:  perfume, cologne, lotion, bath salts, etc.  Even just the lotion can be a great deal of money. 

You can make your own scented lotion for a lot less.  Buy a discount lotion that is unscented.  If you want a small container to carry in your purse, fill your (recycled) container three quarters of the way with the discount lotion.  Add two sprays (or 2-3 drops) of your designer perfume to the lotion, put the top on and shake well.  Fill the rest of the way with more discount lotion and shake again.  Be sure you label the outside. 

Lotions do not keep forever.  After a long time they break down, but you can still use the original scented lotion (now liquid) to create a new bottle of scented lotion.  Just add a small trickle of the broken down liquid lotion the same way you would add a spray or drops to the unscented lotion.

Health Risks - allergic reaction

Health Risks – allergic reaction

Be careful not to overscent your lotion (make the scent too strong).  You can overpower people or even set off an allergic reaction.  



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