Here you will find ways to create your own cosmetics and beauty supplies from common household items.


May heaven save me from people who have applied their perfume or cologne with a bucket.  Their perfume/cologne enters 6 feet ahead of them and it’s impossible for salespeople to wait on them, or bus passengers to sit near them without getting a headache and watery eyes.  If you can smell your own perfume, you are wearing too much.  This applies to men as well, especially aftershave colognes and patchouli oil. 

There are two correct ways to apply perfume.
One is to apply the perfume to your finger from the bottle and rub it behind each ear and at the hollow of the throat.  You may reapply to your right finger and place it on the inside of the left wrist and behind the left knee, and reapply to your left finger to apply to the inside of your right wrist and behind the right knee.  Done.
The second is for spray perfumes:  spray up into the air ahead of you and walk through the mist.  Done.
Do NOT spray behind each ear, then your throat, then your wrists, and then like hairspray.   . . . unless you want to smell like a cheap floozy.


Egg or mayonnaise conditioner – rub mayonnaise or beaten egg well into hair, cover with a plastic bag.  Wrap in a towel and let sit for 30 min.  Rinse.
Beer conditioner – let beer go flat.  Rinse hair with beer after shampooing.

TIPS from the DR OZ Show
These tips vary from anti-aging to cost-saving.  For example:  is it worth paying more for expensive beauty products, or are drugstore brands just as effective.

Lemon Facial Cleanser

TIPS from the MARIE Show (Hallmark Channel)
Lemon juice – nail treatment
Vinegar – lengthens life of nail polish, sunburn relief
Yogurt – electrical burn relief
Coffee Ground – exfoliating scrub

PalmTree-Fruit_Basket_2[1]COCONUT OIL
Coconut oil can replace any number of beauty products.  It can replace your makeup remover, shaving cream, and even condition your hair.  The following links provide different uses (there are one or two overlaps) for coconut oil.
Video Link:  Coconut Oil Uses Video
Article Link: Coconut Oil Uses Article .


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