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Welcome to Spend No Money. Here you will find ways to use what you have and buy only the essentials.

The tips and suggestions I have included here are ways to save money.  Sometimes we are faced with what seem to be impossible decisions when we lack the financial resources to cover our living expenses. 

You can find out how to make one chicken into 8 meals.  Make your own cleaning products, cosmetics, and gifts for just pennies.  Your sewing and knitting remnants turn into craft gifts and games.

Television is running ads for home tips books you can buy.  They seem to include all the Hints from Heloise suggestions that we knew decades ago, like using mayonnaise to remove a water ring from furniture or white toothpaste if you’re out of spackle for nail holes.  Go to your local library and check out any Heloise books you can find and start a card file or computer file for solutions.  You don’t have to buy books, but remember they are copyrighted material and any files you create from them should only be for your own personal use.

You will remember that you have the power to say NO to advertising and marketing when they promote “convenience” as “essential”.  Chances are if your grandmother didn’t use it, you don’t “need” it.

Grandma’s Tips indicate money-saving solutions your grandmother did that we’ve forgotton about.
Warning:  Just because Grandma did it, doesn’t always make it right.  My grandmother didn’t use cough syrup.  When my mother and aunts were little and sick, Grandma gave them a spoonful of kerosene mixed with lard.  Not a safe remedy. 

Health Risks - sodiumiClipart.com

Health Risks – sodium

If a suggestion has a health risk, like using an ingredient that exceeds the daily recommended levels of sodium by a significant amount, I will endeavor to mark it with a graphic.

I have no formal training in food/nutrition.  I have had to deal with multiple special diet cases in my family, and have taught meal planning/preparation in youth organizations.  I also have no formal science training.  I have tried to provide steps to safely re-use materials.  Some cases, however, would put your health at risk:  you would never wash and re-use foil that held raw chicken.

For instance, some plastic containers are marked “not for re-use”, and some plastic drink containers have been determined to give off chemicals such as BPA.  (Check the number inside the recycle triangle, usually on the bottom of the container.)

Most of the plastic containers I re-use (like cream cheese or whipped topping containers) do not have restrictive labels on them; but I have made a personal decision in some cases to ignore that not-for-reuse notice on certain containers, and re-use them for keeping leftovers instead of buying new food storage containers.
Note:  whipped topping container lids also make great Frisbee®-like toys.

It is always your decision to determine which practices and suggestions are safe for you.    Take a look and start saving!

  1. Check out the free event/concert suggestions in the Things Not To Buy section.

  2. Check out the new Computer page under the Household tab for free computer software.

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